Cardel Produces Fischia il Vento/The Wind Whistles

A hand drawn short film written and directed by Alessandro Dordoni, animated by Natasza Cetner based on the memoirs of Alessandro’s grandfather Lino Dordoni. 

April 16th, 1945. The end of the War is approaching, but the small Partisan outpost located near the enemy line has to overcome their last major obstacle; resist the surprise attack of 450 SS soldiers. 

This project does not want to represent a classic war film. Instead, the aim is to show the human and psychological side of the young Italian partisans who faced a situation way bigger than them. This isn’t a tale of the fight of good vs evil, this is a subtle look at one of the many war episodes that forever changed the lives of its protagonists, regardless of their ideological alignment during the events told. Alessandro developed the script telling the story through Lino’s eyes, taking the audience on a journey in which a young man’s feelings and emotions have to face the atrocity of War. 

Fischia il Vento is animated entirely in ink by Natasza Cetner. Using the textured paper the animation gives the impression of sketchbook pages and makes us feel the film truly consists of personal memoirs of Lino Dordoni. Following the animatic storyboard as reference, the animation is done digitally first, in order to fully test the movements and timings, it is then hand-drawn with ink on paper. The camera moves and expressive use of brush strokes let the animation convey the intensity of emotions of the main characters and blur the line between reality and memories. 

The animation style is inspired by such pieces as Confusion Through Sand by Danny Madden, I’m OK by Lizzy Hobbs and The Pride of Strathmoor by Einar Baldvin. 

Title: Fischia il Vento (The Wind Whistles) 

Running Time: 15 min 

Colour: Black & White 

Genre: Animation, Drama, War 

Language: Italian (English Subs) 

Written and Directed by: Alessandro Dordoni 

Director of Animation: Natasza Cetner 

Production Companies: Cardel & OAK9 

Executive Producers: Kelley Daniel / Rhiannon Crothers 

Animation Producers: Carla Mooney / Delwyn Mooney 

Producer: Mimi Thomas 

Co-Producer: Mindaugas Jokubaitis 

Actors in Order of Appearance: Denio Derni, Luca Torchiani, Francesco Wolf, Andrea Tagliabue, Marco Troiano, Joe Prestia, Vito Buchicchio, Giuseppe Magazzù 

Edit & Sound: Alessandro Dordoni 

Archive Colour Grade: Ben Turze 

Sound Design/Mix: Steve Bond 

Illustrator: Francesco Poiana 

Storyboard Artist: James Lawson 

Composer: Paolo Fornasari 

Script Editor: Costanza Bongiorni 

Memoirs Translator: Bartolomeo Sala 

Graphic Designer: Edoardo Balordi 

Recording Studio: Marco Versari 

Supported by: ANPI Piacenza, Chrome Productions, 

Banca di Piacenza, Rotary Club Piacenza