Daily Madness, elk.Studios, and Studio Meala team up on new ‘Production Management for Animation’ course

In September 2019, IADT will launch a new Certificate in Production Management for Animation, in association with Animation Skillnet and Screen Skills Ireland via Springboard+ 

This new 14 week certificate course is designed and taught by Ian Hamilton of elk.Studios, and supported by Lindsey Adams of Daily Madness and Stephen Fagan of Studio Meala. 

This certificate offers the skills to manage animation productions from concept development to final delivery – and everything in between, providing learners with a command of the practical management of industry standard digital animation productions, primarily 2D animation but also 3D and VFX.

This course presents the opportunity to gain and develop practical production skills specifically for the animation industry, to keep pace with the ever-changing technology and practices and its use in animation production.

“The growing Animation Industry in Ireland, has seen an increase in places of Creative Courses.  It felt like the right time to diversify the Animation Courses currently on offer;  Production Crew are highly sought after, yet there are not many in the country.  Giving people the skills and experience to either change direction within their own Animation Career or to start a Career within Animation, will help secure the longevity of the industry in Ireland.   Daily Madness, Studio Meala and elk.Studios have joined their knowledge and experience together to provide and delivery; skills and knowhow to participants in a Industry Atmosphere,”

Ian Hamilton, Founder and Producer, elk.Studios.

“As the Animation Industry continues to grow from strength to strength in Ireland, so does the need for an experienced and skilled production crew. Elk.Studios, Studio Meala and Daily Madness are studios that were all founded by Producers who above all else place creativity at the heart of their animation pipelines. With over 20 combined productions under our belts, this course is designed so that we can all share our experiences in running 2D, 3D and mixed media animation production,s and provide students with the foundations that they need to set up and run an efficient and effective animation pipeline that allows for maximum creativity of the animated series.”

Lindsey Adams, Founder and Producer, Daily Madness Productions.

“Production managers can make or break a project, this program is designed to equip participants with the skills needed to get the best out of the creative pipeline and give them the best chance of success as production managers. Delivered by experienced studio leaders, each bringing their own specialist skillset to the program across, people, pipeline and project management.  Participants will develop a well-rounded knowledge of production management that will remain applicable throughout their careers.”

Stephen Fagan, Managing Director/ Producer, Studio Meala.