Daily Madness continues their first credit initiative

“Is there a worry that new talent might find it hard to get noticed and get that first foot in the door with studios working remotely right now?”

This was a question asked by C21Media in a recent podcast interview with Daily Madness founder, Lindsey Adams, and it is definitely a concern as a whole. Although the animation industry has managed to transition quite easily into a remote/work from home set up, the question of how we can continue to train, and mentor new talent effectively needs to be addressed. It’s more important than ever to support people trying to break into the animation industry and help them achieve that all-important FIRST CREDIT.

When Daily Madness launched their studio in November 2018, they did so with a remit to represent more women on screen and behind the scenes. In order to achieve this, they put in place a number of company goals and one of the most successful has been Daily Madness’ First Credit initiative. The First Credit initiative is simple… for every series produced, Daily Madness seek to discover and foster new, female talent behind-the-scenes, providing an opportunity for women to be promoted into leadership positions and for new talent to gain their first TV credit. 

Despite limited resources during the covid crisis, Daily Madness has continued with their original mission and is proud to have hired two women as part of the initiative in this last quarter – Tyler Washington created the storyboard for the Goat Girl trailer, which was just shown at Cartoon Forum and Tori Ella Jones also got her first credit as a storyboard artist on Daily Madness’ preschool series Pins and Nettie.

Daily Madness has now successfully helped six women achieve either their first director credit or first industry credit as part of this initiative over the past 18 months.