Daily Madness are heading to Cartoon Forum!

Lindsey Adams and Shannon George, Founder and Creative Director, respectively, of Daily Madness Productions, will be heading to Cartoon Forum in September to present the company’s first in-house developed project, Pins and Nettles, to investors and buyers throughout Europe. 

Pins and Nettles is a preschool series aimed at 2-4 year olds that follows the adventures of two hedgehogs who happen to be shy. But their shyness doesn’t define them. It may be a part of who they are but it isn’t the only thing they are. Pins and Nettles are also brave, creative, adventurous, and sometimes even silly.  

This is a series about empowerment, that redefines shyness and seeks to remove the stigma associated with it. Pins and Nettles encourages kids (and adults!) to embrace their shyness – because it isn’t a character flaw, it’s simply another way of being. 

Lindsey and Shannon will be presenting at 3pm on Wednesday, 18th September in the Pink Room.  Embracing our #shymoments.