Animation Ireland welcomes SIX new studios in 2019!

Over the past 12 months, Animation Ireland welcomed six new studios to the association bringing a total of a thirty companies to its growing membership. The six vibrant animation studios- Cardel Entertainment, Distillery Films, Maverick Films, Studio Meala, Studio 9 and Trickshot Films are all working in array of unique styles, with numerous accolades to their name and exciting projects in production and in the development stages. Check out their work via the links below. We’re looking forward to seeing more of their exciting projects in the future!

Animation Ireland is the trade association for the leading Irish animation studios working together to promote Ireland’s world class sector internationally. With millions of children watching animated programmes produced here, Ireland is a recognised leader for TV, Film, Games and Visual Effects. Ireland is one of the best places in Europe and the World to produce animation. Ireland has one of the best Tax Credits in Europe, with up to 32% tax credit available on eligible Irish expenditure. The Irish passion for storytelling and the arts has a created a culture perfectly suited for world class animation studios to thrive upon.

For information on how to join Animation Ireland email: