ANIMATION IRELAND & SCREEN IRELAND, Animation Concept & Creative Innovation Development Fund

Supporting New and Innovative IP Development, Technology and Business Growth

As part of a further Stimulus Support Package made available for Animation, Screen Ireland / Fís Éireann in collaboration with Animation Ireland has allocated €400,000 in funding that will be invested in new innovative, high concept development and business growth opportunities within the Animation sector. The agencies are committed in their ambition to highlight Ireland as a centre of excellence in Animation and investing in a diverse and broad range of talent, genres, formats and business growth potentials, ensuring high-value national and international success.

Concept and Innovation Development can include the preparation of new hybrid formats, introduction of new technological workflows, extending genre ambitions outside the current workflow, supporting new business models and plans for growth within the sector and targeting new areas of artistic and creative endeavour (such as Gaming & Immersive Technologies) which the investment allows.

Producers and Industry Creatives can apply for a project investment of up to a maximum of €50,000 in total. The deliverables will be the proof of concept which will include a short treatment or business plan, visual pitch and teaser (as appropriate) which highlights the new concept and the innovative path which the applicant is intending to explore.

As security for its funding Screen Ireland shall take an assignment of 10% of the copyright in the development material created. When Screen Ireland’s development funding is repaid Screen Ireland shall reassign this percentage of copyright in the development material back to the producer. If the project goes into production the amount received in development funding should be a line item in the budget and repaid to Screen Ireland. 

  • A short biography of the applicant to include work produced (1 Page)
  • A short synopsis of the intended project / plan (1 Page)
  • A detailed outline of the concept development work to be undertaken including a budget – template development budget is available on our website
  • An outline of the market potential and the audience potential for the work carried out (as appropriate) (1 Page)
  • Any other supporting notes or material 
  • An outline of ownership of the idea / concept  as may be required
  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Quality of Proposal
  3. Innovation 
  4. Market Awareness & Appeal

Applications should be made via the application form to

Further details for submission (FAQ’s) are available HERE.

Application form template is available HERE. Application forms should be emailed as PDF documents.

Closing date is 1pm, Friday 12th February 2021


No late applications will be accepted