SANAM is a new Dublin-based Development Company that creates enriching and exciting content for young children. We are dedicated to making content and building brands that will promote positive mental health and make a difference in children’s lives. At SANAM, we know that the best way to connect with kids – is to make them smile.

The name SANAM is derived from two Irish sayings, San Am (in the moment) and SAnam (of the
soul). We know how to combine wellbeing-practices with children’s media – without losing any fun!
Our ethos is simple: Enrich, excite and make them laugh!


With the support of Screen Ireland, we are currently developing our first CG animated TV series.
‘Buddybugzz’ is a mindfulness-based show for 4-6-year olds, that uses song, exploration and
adventure to bring simple mental health practices to children.


Well-being :SANAM offers well-being consultations and assessment services for animation projects at all stages of development.

SANAM offers a branding and materials design service that will help any animation concept stand
out from the crowd. Services include: project-identity, logo design, bible design, character toys, brand consultation.

Aislí Madden is the owner of and creator of Buddybugzz. She is a writer, illustrator and
designer with over 20 years of experience in commercial branding both in Ireland and overseas.

Aislí has practiced mindfulness for over two decades and has spent over 8 years studying the application
of mindfulness and well-being practices into children’s media. She is an expert in these niche fields
and is a staunch advocate for children’s mental health. She is passionate about what she does and
enjoys using her skillset to help others. Ireland is recognised as one of the most innovative producers of animation in the world. At Sanam, we bespoke-hire the best talent to suit each new project so that our services are tailor-made to our client’s needs.

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