Triggerfish – Post Production Supervisor

Contract: 1st July 2022 – 31st Jan 2023


  • Need to be diligent, able to multi-task, and handle numerous changes under pressure
  • Minimum 4 years of both 2D and CG Animation Post Production experience
  • Previous experience as a Post Production Supervisor/Producer
  • Experience leading and working with multiple teams in person and remote 
  • Based in Ireland, preferably Dublin
  • Ability to go to Post Production studio (Dublin) in person as may be required


  • Responsible for all aspects of the post production process reporting into Series Producers
  • Oversee Post Production Coordinator
  • Attend all post-related meetings and sessions, including assemblies, edits, locks, reviews, mixes, color corrections, and QC’s
  • Track and oversee Post Production budget and Schedule in tandem with Series Producers
  • Ensure that the scheduling and budgetary concerns of the post process are followed and alert the Series Producers of any problems that may cause the production to miss delivery or to fall outside of the post-budget
  • Work closely with the rest of the Series producing team 
  • Facilitate the delivery of each film from animation studios to the Post Production studio 
  • Facilitate the delivery of final logo/titles to Post Production Studio
  • Liaise directly with our assigned Post Production studio: their Producer, Sound, Color and Editorial team to monitor progress, discuss potential issues and relay back to Series Producers
  • Ensure communication between animation studios, post production studio, Directors, Triggerfish and the network is relayed effectively 
  • Manage reviews for Directors, Triggerfish and the network in coordination with Post Production Studio
  • Working with Series Producers, set up suitable remote review solutions for overseas Directors for grade and final mix as needed
  • Ensure feedback is tracked and implemented and assess where feedback may exceed the limits of budget and schedule, alerting the Series Producers of push backs needed
  • Flag potential QC issues
  • Oversee and ensure the generation and timely delivery of all post elements for all films according to the network’s requirements for final delivery

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