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Lighthouse Studios is delighted to be starting work on an exciting new special for a major SVOD.  It is a unique and true story and based on a highly successful graphic novel.  We are currently seeking to hire  experienced 2D Character Designers to join our team in Kilkenny.


The character designer will work alongside the Art Director and Director to faithfully adapt the graphic novel to an animated special retaining the authenticity that made the book so successful.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work under the Art Director’s guidance and supervision to develop character designs
  • Work to a brief and create a variety of designs for each character
  • Troubleshoot and adapt existing models and help the team find ways to adjust designs for ease of animation
  • Assist the Art Director in integrating the characters, their shapes and visual motifs to the overall style of the special
  • Work as part of a design team to maximize the contributions of each designer for the special
  • Create model sheets that cover the following areas:
  1. Character turnarounds (front, back, side/profile, and three-quarter views)
  2. Character poses
  3. Face shapes and expressions
  4. Character lineup showing the scale of all characters in relation to each other


  • Knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony software required
  • Proficiency in Photoshop is a plus
  • Experience as an Animator is a plus
  • The ideal candidate should have at least 3-5 years experience as Character Designer on theatrically distributed 2D features and/or aired television series
  • Ability to manage time successfully in prioritizing tasks
  • Strong communication skills addressing any issues concerning production
  • Meet deadlines as established by production management

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