WANTED! Technical Lead for Cartoon Saloon Feature Film

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Technical Lead  for Cartoon Saloon Feature Film

Location: Kilkenny

The Technical Lead is directly answerable to the Assistant Director, but will also liaise with and update the Production Manager(s) and relevant Coordinators. Additionally, contact and collaboration with our in-house Software Developer will be necessary. The Technical Lead will have the power to issue technical retakes directly to artists and will oversee the Technical Checker and Scene Prep Artist.


The Technical Lead will:

-Ensure the Pipeline is functioning at all levels
-Create small Tools and Scripts with our Software Developer
-Maintain coherent Folder Structures
-Maintain and Adapt Shotgun Pages
-Suggest and Recommend Workflow Improvements
-Assist in Building Working Documents and Crew Memos
-Oversee TVP file Build and Scene Prep
-Oversee TVP Layering and Naming between Departments
-Oversee general Technical Checks (QC) on all material
-Oversee Photoshop Layering and Naming between Departments
-Make both general and scene-specific Technical Recommendations
-The ideal candidate has 4+ years experience on animated productions, preferably in a variety of departments. The ideal candidate is familiar and experienced with 2D, especially hand-drawn productions. -A working knowledge of Photoshop, 2D animation software (preferably TVPaint), and Production Management Software (preferably Shotgun) is essential. A knowledge of Render Management Software such as Deadline and knowledge of programming such as Python is preferable but not required.

Fluent English
4 to 6 Years Experience
Start date: approx. May/June 2018. End date: approx. October 2019

To apply, visit: https://www.rezoomo.com/job/2763/?Technical-Lead—Cartoon-Saloon-Feature-Film-County-Kilkenny