WANTED! Experienced Clean-up Artists @Cartoon Saloon

Experienced Clean-up Artists @Cartoon Saloon

Location: Kilkenny, Ireland


-Produce cleaned up finalized versions of the animated rough drawings, ensuring that the characters are drawn accurately according to the model sheets provided by CS.
-Maintain consistency of design, structure and line quality according to the production style in TV Paint.
Ensure that all levels inside TV Paint are colored correctly and labeled accordingly using the naming conventions set by CS.
-Deliver cleaned up animation on time for approval by Clean-up supervisor and Director.
Weekly quota applies and relates to approved footage.
-Candidates must have previous experience on at least one 2D hand drawn animated production using TV Paint or a similar software and must be willing to relocate to Kilkenny (Ireland) for the duration of the production.

-This role requires a high level of artistic ability, solid draftsmanship and a thorough understanding of the principles of classical animation as well as human and animal anatomy. The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years experience on 2D hand drawn animated feature productions and be highly proficient working in TV Paint.

Fluent English
2 to 4 Years Experience
Start date: approx. November 2018

To apply visit:   https://www.rezoomo.com/job/2765/?Experienced-Clean-up-Artists—Cartoon-Saloon-County-Kilkenny